I Failed Yet Again


Yup I totally failed at not spending. Ban Island was not good to me. It was so not good that I’m pretty sure I went shopping with my hubby the week it started. Geez why am I so bad at not spending? My husband likes to comfort me by telling me that if he swipes his card instead of me swiping mine then im not really failing even if it’s coming from the same account. He is the sweetest.

Here is what I think I did wrong. I started the no spend in March which is when almost all the stores bring out their Spring collections. I couldn’t help myself when they started coming out I got total FOMO (fear of missing out). So I did some shopping on the first week of no spend but then more collections started coming out and I caved. Over and Over again collection after collection as you can tell on my Spring trends post.

I really want to try this again and prove I can do it. If anyone has done a no spend and has any tips please do share. So seeing that I did some “Spring” shopping which you saw some of in my post from last week I thought I would share a few more items I bought after that post.


march haul.001.jpeg

Denim button up’s // Cargo Skirt // Gucci Belt // Front Row Camo Tee // Distressed White Tee // Olive Blouse // Fun Print Button Up ( similar ) // Antisocial tee ( similar ) and ( here )

I bought a of few items for casual Spring days. Yes I know I said I wanted to venture into prints and color, but I had to balance out all the color and prints with some neutral items I’m a creature of habit and always gravitate to the neutrals. In my defense though my husband did surprise me with the brown leather Gucci belt so that doesn’t count right HA!

Shoe Addicted

I can’t be the only one who gets addicted to a certain item and then buys it in every color. For example last month I got hooked on buying blush. I bought one in every brand I wanted to try. I’ve done this before with makeup but this has been my first time doing it with shoes.

I went on a block heel sandal craze specifically Steve Madden . The comfort of a blocked heel is like no other. I mean you can walk in this style shoes all day long. So clearly I needed them in every color.

spring shoe haul.001

Gucci Princetown //  Sam Edelman Susie Sandal //  Steve Madden Carrson Sandal //  Steve Madden Sillly Strap //  Steve Madden Irene Sandal //  Steve Madden Irene Sandal // Hinge Dylan Sandal

By every color I do mean in neutral colors of course,  but did purchase a pop of color that I surprisingly fell in love with them when I saw them. I’m talking about the blood orange (Sam Edelman in picture) sandal. The brand of the Blood Orange blocked heel sandal I purchased is currently sold out.  Pictures don’t do this beautiful color justice. You have to go check them out in person.

Lets talk about the unexpected shoe purchase I made on the last day of the month of March. The Gucci Princetown mules!!! They have been in and out of my cart for so long now that at times I would forget about them. On Friday the 31st of March the hubby and I went on one of our day dates and headed out the Galleria to do some shopping after having lunch. We went into Gucci to see their new sunglasses and left with the Princetown mules instead. I’m so happy the hubby convinced me to get them. I’m so indecisive when it comes to just about everything. I question my choices a few times when it comes to fashion. When I turn to my husband and ask “Should I get this?” his respond is always “if you don’t you won’t stop thinking about it, so just buy it”. I think he just likes spoiling me.

What are some of your must have shoes for Spring and Summer?


March Favorites


Wow 2017 you can slow down now!  Geez I can’t believe we’re in April already by the time you know it we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving all over again. I really don’t want it to be April and that is because my littlest turns 10 this month (cue the waterfalls) why must they grow up UGGHHHHH!!! March was filled with so much fun thanks to the littles Spring Break and a handful of  birthdays.

I’m a creature of habit and when I like something I stick to it until the end. I used the same products just about every outing we had. Other then the last week of March that I ended up sick.



  1. I fell in love again with my Mac Fix + spray! I’m obsessed with it once again.
  2. For foundation I used Milani Conceal+Perfect 2 in 1 (all month-long favorite)
  3. My goto concealer for this month  It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye.
  4. For powder I love the glow Nars All Day Luminous Powder Foundation gives.
  5. For a warm bronze look I stuck to my all time favorite Mac Cosmetics Give Me Sun.
  6. I do have a favorite scent that reminds me of watching my mom do her makeup when I was young. Maison Margiela “Replica” in Lipstick On the scent is amazing.
  7. I’m still loving Maybelline’s Big Shot Mascara. I wore it all month-long and I’m now moving on to my second one.
  8. Since I kept my makeup pretty simple for March I loved to add a pop of colors using lip colors. My two favorites were both from Dose of Colors in the colors Coral Crush and Berry Me 2.
  9. The blush I grabbed for the most was Nars Blush in Deep Throat.
  10. For Setting spray when I’m all done with my makeup I stick to De-Slick Oil Control by Urban Decay.




  1. I could have 100’s of pairs of shoes, but I almost always grab for my Converse Chuck Taylors. They go with everything… right?
  2. At the beginning of the we went on a solo date for my husband’s birthday he doesn’t like celebrating his birthday, but we do go out on a date one night and we go out with our littles another day. For his actual birthdate I make him his favorite dinner and dessert. On to the favorite… on the day we went to go have his birthday date we stopped by the Galleria to do some shopping and my husband being the amazing big-hearted guy that he is spoiled the littles and me. He bought me the Gucci Marmont Double G belt in black leather and he just surprised me with the same belt but in brown just last week. I’m absolutely obsessed with it.
  3. I started my Spring cleaning a few weeks ago and while cleaning I took out a few of my handbags and cleaned them and fell right back in ahh of my Celine Micro Luggage Tote.  I’ve been using her all month-long.
  4. I have two favorite jeans this month the Express Girlfriend style and Who What Wear at Target. I’ve been living in these jeans.
  5. For days that I had to choose from doing my makeup or doing my hair (I almost always chose doing my makeup) I grab a stylish hat to throw on and my current is this one from H&M in the color light grey of course, but they do have them in three other colors.
  6. If you know me you know I love a good duster, trench coat, and lightweight jacket. Since In March we had a few cooler days I was very excited to use as many as I could. From Who What Wear  loved this one and this. From Forever 21 this and of course this one.

I hope March was as good to you and yours as it was to me and mine. Lets hope April goes by much slower than March. I’d love to hear about some of your favorites for March.

Dipping My Toes

I’m really doing it! Im going to be giving prints and color a go. To be honest Im a bit excited I’ve found so many pieces that I’m definitely loving. I have tried prints and color before and I’m very much attracted to color and prints but I always feel off when I try them on. Not this year! I’ve been doing a bit shopping and wanted to share some pieces I’ve purchased to help me transition into prints and color.


Floral blouse // Long Blazer // Tunic with Knot // Quay Australia Sunglasses // Longline Drape Jacket // Open Front Longline Duster // One Shoulder Dress

I’ve been going a bit Spring shopping crazy lately, but in my defense I did do some “Spring Cleaning” donated and also posted on my Poshmark (just added and will still be adding as I continue to clean out my closets). It might not seem like I went crazy in prints, but I wanted to start small and work my way into other stronger prints. With floral being bigger than ever  I picked up a cute floral dress that I attend to use as a lightweight jacket during our hot Spring days here in Houston. Overall I’m excited to try this new style and even more so having fun with mixing prints.

Are you a big on prints and color? Let me know in the comments what your favorite color combos are.


Spring and Summer fashion is in full effect. I’m loving all the trends this season and im actually really excited to give more colors a try. Of all colors the one that seems to be everywhere is PINK! Not just pink but different shades of pink and to be honest im really thinking of giving it a try. I know my style is more neutral and “Casual Chic” but something about the pinks is really getting my attention. Im not really comfortable yet to go full on pink so I thought I would start with shoes and work my way up. I do own a few blush toned pieces so I really think I could get into the stronger pink colors.


Contrast Plumetis Top // Bubble T-shirt with Frills // Washed Woven Peg Pants // Clean Tailored Pants // Frill Sweater // Vans Old Skool Sneaker // Velvet Ankle Boots

While shopping online looking for pink toned pieces I found some that really caught my eye and I would be comfortable wearing for my lifestyle.  I love how big denim is becoming and how much it’s changing. I’m obsessed with the frayed hemlines, the fringed hemlines and the high-low hemlines.


I feel the denim wash this Spring/Summer trend is hands down the light wash. The boyfriend jean is still very big, but I’m seeing more straight leg jeans and girlfriend cuts as well. I’m a big jean and tee girl so this makes me so happy. Speaking of tee’s logo t-shirts are everywhere. Just about every fashion house is making them. Old but not forgotten brands are bringing back their old school logo tees like Guess, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. Im dying over Dior’s feminism fashion tee but let’s be real $710 is a bit too much for me even though  proceeds from the sale of each shirt will benefit The Clara Lionel Foundation, Rihanna’s non-profit organization.


Gucci // Feminist // Guess

TopShop has a tee that I love and its defiantly easy on the wallet. Have you seen the oversized sleeve and bell sleeve trend? It’s defiantly giving me the feels. They remind me of  my mothers pictures I use to love looking through.


Gingham Belled Sleeve //  Gingham Check Top // Black Bell Sleeve // Gingham Lost Ink // Pinstripe OTS // Ribbed Bell Sleeve

Gingham is everywhere! I use to hate it so much, but it’s starting to grow on me. Does that make any sense? I think the more I see it the more I like it and since its everywhere its starting to grow on me. Moving on to my favorite piece of our outfits SHOES!!!!


New Balance 620 // Adidas Tubular //  Gucci Princetown Slide //  Puma Old Skool Sneaker // Marc Fisher Whitley Slide

Of all the shoe trends this Spring/Summer of course my favorite ones were sneakers and slides. Both are perfect for a dressy casual look or a daily chic look which of course is my favorite go to. I’m obsessed with sneakers and I’ve got my husband hooked on sneakers as well. Given the choice I will always pick a sneaker or slide over a heel. I do love a good heel don’t get me wrong but my heart belongs to my sneakers and slides.

What Spring/Summer trends are you loving?

Who What Wear Spring Picks

Spring is just around the corner and with it Spring Fashion. For somebody who doesn’t wear much prints and colors its my second favorite season to shop for. I recently went to Target and fell in love with Who What Wear’s Spring Collection. By the way this trip to Target was done before “Ban Island” just incase you we’re wondering.


Ring Market Bag // Brooklyn Ankle Strap Sandals  //  Felicity Macrame Strap Block Slide // Cold Shoulder Sweater //  Lace-Up Sweater //  Textured Moto //  Denim Overcoat //  Drapey Trench // Lace Mix Slip 

I love a good trench, coat, jacket, and blazer. I have a closet full and I live in Texas so I don’t get to wear them often. When I find a light weight one im all over it. Who What Wear has some amazing ones in Target right now. My current favorite is the Textured Moto I love throwing it on with a pair of distressed jeans and a tee.

I suggest you go to your  local Target and check out the collection you won’t be disappointed.

Embroidery Crazy

I mean it’s everywhere you turn its in every department store you can’t miss it. I have officially became obsessed with the Embroidery style. There’s something about it that screams to me. I’m currently eyeing a few items to add to my wardrobe. I’m sharing some of the items I have recently purchased or are on my cart to be purchased.


Asos Bomber Jacket //  Gucci // Steve Madden // Gucci Espadrille // Sam Edelman Mule // Alexander McQueen Espadrille // Betsey Johnson // Mango Denim Shirt // Asos Tiger Collar // Boohoo Distressed Jeans 

When I was a little girl I use to hate when my mom would dress me with anything that had embroidery on it. I would tell her that it would make my clothes to heavy to wear. Boy have times changed. Every Mexican holiday my mom would dress in blouses and dresses that had colorful embroidered flowers on them. My mom was shocked to see how trendy this has been.

I love the teal quilted bomber. I love the Gucci feels it gives me without having to break the bank. Who doesn’t love an embroidered sneaker or espadrille? I myself can’t wait for warmer weather to wear some of these styles. I found some in many price points. From Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, Sam Edelman, all the way to Alexander Mcqueen and Gucci. Seems most fashion houses are madly in love with the trend. Are you on the wagon with this trend or is it a pass for you? Id love to hear your thoughts on it.